Black ASA Filament for Fortus® 200/250mc Printers

ASA Filament Refill for Fortus® 200/250mc Printers (56in3)

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Triton™ ASA for Fortus® 200/250mc Printers

Our ASA was formulated to be 100% compatible with your Fortus® 200 and 250mc printers using either P400 or P430 chips.   Now you can use the upgraded ASA material that Stratasys® released only for their larger Fortus® systems.  ASA is a UV-stable polymer and has a low-gloss sheen that makes technical parts look great and hides the layer lines.  Refill your Stratasys® cartridge and save!

In-stock Colors:  Black, White, Red, Mid-Blue, Natural/Ivory, Yellow, Orange, Khaki, Light Grey, Dark Grey.  Custom colors available upon request.  

ASA Safety Data Sheets