Multi-Pack, ABS Filament for Dimension® Printers

Multi-Pack, ABS Filament for Dimension® Printers

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Triton™ ABS for Dimension® Printers (Multi-Packs)

Save even more when you purchase our Stratasys® compatible ABS in multi-packs.  Our ABS was formulated to be 100% compatible with your Dimension® printer using either P400 or P430 chips.  Triton™ ABS refills for P400 and P430 are the work-horse materials for the 3D printing industry.  This grade of ABS is 100% guaranteed to work in your Dimension 768, 1200, and Elite printers.  Refill and save $$$ over Stratasys® ABS.  

Huge savings vs. Stratasys® Filament  (Stratasys charges $250 per reel)
3-Packs:  $399 ($133 / reel)
6-Packs:  $695 ($115/ reel)
10-Pack:  $995 ($99.50 / reel)

Power users - do you use a large quantity of filament?  Please contact us at for even more savings on very larger orders.