Dimension® 1200 Series

dimension-768-elite-1200.jpgTriton™ understands that you need expanded material options, reliability, and cost savings when you print.  Our Dimension® 1200 / Elite / 768 compatible reels are available in multiple grades of filament that are 100% compatible with your printers.

Requires NO modifications to your printer.  Our products were created to print using the standard settings for P400 and P430 ABS.  

  • Triton™ ABS.  100% compatible with P400, P430, and M30 ABS chip settings on your printer.  
  • Triton™ ASA.  We created an ASA that is 100% compatible with the P400 and P430 ABS EEPROM chip.  
  • TriStat™ ESD-ABS.  Our ESD-ABS was formulated to be compatible with the P400 and P430 EEPROM chip.
  • TriMax™ CF-ABS.  Our Carbon Fiber Reinforced ABS is made using premium P430-type ABS and High-Modulus Carbon Fiber.
  • Firewire® FR-ABS.  Flame retardant ABS.

Expand your printer's capabilities with Triton 3D's engineering-grade materials.