ESD-ABS for your Fortus Printer

ESD-ABS Filament Refill for Fortus® 360/400/900mc Printers (92in3)

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Target surface resistance: 10^7 Ohm.  Compare to Stratasys® ABS-ESD7 in performance and price and you'll never go back!  100% guaranteed to work in your Stratasys Fortus printers using the M30 or ESD-7 chip.  Refill your Fortus® with our alternative to ABS-ESD7.

Formulated to work on either the M30 chip or the ESD7 chip.  You do NOT need a license to run this material if you have the M30 or ESD7 license on your Fortus printer.  Choose the M30 chip if you have that license or the ESD-7 chip if you have that one - this material will work on either - it's your choice!

TRISTAT™ ESD ABS is an advanced ESD-Safe compound designed for use in critical applications that require electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and a high level of cleanliness.  Manufactured with consistency in mind - we start with high-flow MG-94 Premium ABS and then compounded according to a proprietary formulation of carbon additives and process / dispersion modifiers - giving you a filament with excellent printing characteristics and consistent ESD properties.  

ESD-ABS Safety Data Sheets