Fortus Nylon 12CF


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TriMax™ Nylon 12CF Filament

TriMax CF Nylon 12 was formulated to be 100% compatible with your Stratasys Fortus® printers and comes with a replacement EEPROM chip at a fraction of the cost of OEM Stratasys® branded filament. Our Nylon 12 + chopped carbon fiber is 100% guaranteed to work in your Stratasys® PA12CF compatible printers.  Nylon 12 [PA12] absorbs less moisture than many other Nylons and retains its mechanical properties long after exposure to humid environments.  Parts printed with PA12 also benefit from improved chemical resistance vs. many other nylons - including fuel, oil, lubricants, and many common solvents seen in industrial settings.  Our Nylon CF12 is also ESD-safe with a surface resistance value of 10^7 ohm/sq on printed specimen.

We provide the EEPROM chip for your printer (Plus Style Chip).  All you need to do is load your canister, install the chip, and start printing! [Canister Loading Instructions]
Refill your Fortus with us and save $$$ over Stratasys® Nylon 12CF

Compatible with the following printers:
Fortus® 380 CFE 
Fortus® 450mc