Fortus® Unlocking

stratasys fortus unlock serviceUnlocking Service

Triton can expand the material options on your existing Fortus® printers and allow you to take full advantage of your equipment.  Our 'Unlocking Service' will take off all the locks that limit the number of materials your printer is capable of utilizing.  

Our Unlocking Service can be found HERE.  

Our service will open your machine to include the following:

  1. Large Build Volume (360mc Small, 400mc Small - opened to full build platform)
  2. Ultem 9085
  3. Ultem 1010
  5. PC-ISO
  6. PC
  7. PC/ABS
  8. NYLON 12
  9. ASA
  10. ABS-ESD7
  11. ABSI
  12. ABS-M30I
  13. ABS-M30

This purchase is for one printer only.  Contact us at for a multiple machine discount.

Once you purchase this service, we will contact you to arrange the unlock.  This is typically performed via a 10-min phone call supported by PDF instructions.