Fortus® 400mc

Fortus 400mc RefillOur Fortus® compatible reels are available in multiple grades of filament that are 100% compatible with your printers.  We designed these materials to print with OEM settings and require no modifications to your printer.  

Compatible with Classic style chips only. 

Expand your printer's capabilities with Triton 3D's engineering-grade materials.

Triton™ ASA.  We created an ASA that is 100% compatible with the M30 ABS EEPROM chips.  
TriMax™ ABS:  Compatible with P400, P430, and M30 ABS settings.
TriStat™ ESD-ABS:  Compatible with the P400, P430, M30, and ASA settings.
TriMax™ Carbon Fiber Reinforced ABS:  Our CF-ABS is compatible with P400, P430, and M30 ABS settings.
Triton™ PC/ABS:  Available in black and white and is compatible with PC/ABS settings.
Trilan™ PC:  Available in black and white.
TriStat™ ESD-PC:  ESD-Safe PC compatible with PC settings on your Fortus.
Ultem® 1010:  High performance PEI filament for use wth 1010-licensed printers.
Ultem® 9085:  Aerospace-approved PEI filament for use with 9085-licensed printers.  
PPSU / PPSF:  Highest thermal properties of all Stratasys® compatible materials