White Antibacterial ABS Filament for Stratasys® Fortus® 360/400/900mc Printers


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BioGuard™ Antibacterial ABS (ABS-M30 Type) Filament for Stratasys® Fortus® Printers

BioGuard™ Antibacterial ABS is 100% compatible with your Fortus® printers.  ISO Certified Antibacterial!  We understand that these parts are likely to be handled by many people, so we formulated the polymer to be ISO certified anti-bacterial. Our ISO certified formulation uses a FDA-approved nano-silver antibacterial additive to achieve ISO 22196:2011 certification for eliminating 99.9% of bacteria for the lifetime of the printed part.

BioGuard™ ABS has been tested on Stratasys printers and offers excellent results when compared to Stratasys® ABS-M30 ABS.  We provide the EEPROM chip for your printer (Classic and Plus Style Chip).  All you need to do is load your canister, install the chip, and start printing!  We are so sure you will like this ABS, that we offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee on your purchase.   Refill and save $$$ over Stratasys ABS-M30-type ABS. 

Compatible with the following printers:
Fortus® 360mc (Classic & Plus)
Fortus® 380mc (Plus)
Fortus® 400mc (Classic & Plus)
Fortus® 450mc (Plus)
Fortus® 900mc (Classic & Plus)
Fortus® F900 (Plus)